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Catalan Culture 2004 Class Blog

jueves, diciembre 04, 2003

Asssingment 2
Nilo rahmani

I had visited Barcelona last year as well and even then I got the massage from the locals that they are not Spanish but Catalan. So when I went back home I studied a bit about the history and the recent situation. So when I came back for the autumn course I already knew the quite a lot actually. But I wanted to know more how the locals thought about it, to experience myself whether the nationalistic feelings where as strong as the picture us to be in the media. Luckily I follow a class with Spanish I mean Catalan students an I knew them from Holland because they had visited our school for a while. This made it easier for me to open the subject with them the fact that I am from Afghanistan made it easier as well. I talked to two of them very comprehensive about the situation. One of them is real right winged nationalist, he wears clothed with Catalan symbols and slogans for independence. He says that a independent Catalonia is his dream, because he believes that where never Spanish and never would be. The cultures are different according to him and the Catalans have suffered a lot during the years repression and they still are. The Catalan district is one of the richest provinces of Spain and my friend thinks that the government is having profit of their earned money. This is quite interesting for me because I know what his point is because once a group of people are repressed they try to preserve their culture more and hardly let any other culture influence it. And once they have a chance to be themselves, express their culture and identity they will do it as much as they can Just like the Catalans. The second person is a Catalan girl but only one of her parents is Catalan. She thinks its better for Catalonia stay in Spain yet be proud Catalans an maintain there cultural identity. Because we are in a time where the smaller countries are expending and sorting themselves out. She is proud to be part of both. I have experienced Barcelona in a Catalan way, I knew it was hard here to work on my Spanish. But people are friendly enough to speak Spanish I try ask them something. They don?t reject the whole Spanish culture, they just want recognition to be themselves. The Catalans are quite preserved but the people I have got to know have opened up there friendships doors for me in a very sinceire way. So once you get to know them, they turn out to be very fun to be with!

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