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Catalan Culture 2004 Class Blog

miércoles, diciembre 03, 2003

Assignment 4: Impression. By Patricia!!!
Before I went to Barcelona I expected a lot: That we would go to the beach every day, that people were actually sleeping during the siesta, that I would eat tapas every day, that I would learn the Spanish language and a million things more. Well, some things did happen, but all of the above didn´t! We did go to the beach, but every day gets boring and there are so many things to do and see here in Barcelona. You just don´t have enough time to do all of these things and go to the beach every day. I think it´s the same with the siesta-thing. People don´t have time to sleep for two or three hours during the day. They have to do the laundry and the dishes as well. It´s stupid that I didn´t think of that before! I like the way the people here spend their time. In Holland you have to work all day and come home at six, and then you have to do all the work at home. This way of dividing the work I think is better. The only thing is that, if you have to go to school in the evening I wouldn´t feel up to it.
About eating tapas, is not because I thought that all people here eat only tapas, but just because I like to eat them so much. But if there is no money in the pocket, well, then you have to cook for yourself.
By the way, about the money, it´s less expensive than I thought, but that´s why I spent so much! But I think I did good: I only had to call my dad once!
About me and my Spanish skills... hmmm.... well, I thought that at the end of this amazing journey, I could speak enough Spanish. Unfortunately that is not the case. I can manage, but most of the people here just speak Catalan. And even sometimes, if I try to speak Spanish, they think: poor girl, she is foreign, let´s speak english. That´s stupid, because I really wanted to learn. I started the Spanish course here at school, but I immediately realized this wasn´t the way for me. So I decided to move out of my Dutch house, and moved in with 4 Italian guys, who just speak Spanish and no English at all. Now I had to learn something. It was really hard, but now I can communicate with them.
Anyway, everything that I experienced these three months, was really great, and nothing was how I expected it to be, but I SURE HAD A GOOD TIME!!!!!

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