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Catalan Culture 2004 Class Blog

miércoles, diciembre 03, 2003

Assignment 2

What makes Catalonia different from the rest of Spain? I asked three people from my english workshop class. There aswers were a little bit the same. They thought the language. The catalan people are very proud of their language and because of the dictatorship for many years they couldn´t speak it.
That´s why the catalan people are also very nationalistic. They want an independed Catalonia with no interfering from Madrid. They now have to pay a lot of money that they earn from the tourism here to Madrid. I think that´s really bad, because their is enough to rebuild in the city. For example El Raval.
They told me that the Catalan people are more closed and colder then the rest of the people that live in Spain. I can´t compare it because this is my first time in Spain. But I experienced that not always. I think that they are more friendly and open the for example the people from France. Also I can understand why they are mybe more closed and colder. They already experienced a lot in life because of Franco.
The last thing is that catalan people are hard workers. I´m still surprised when I see how many hours the shops are open and how late people go to home. We don´t have that in Holland and if people have to work longer they complain very fast about that.
So this are my findings about the catalan people!


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