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Catalan Culture 2004 Class Blog

sábado, septiembre 20, 2003

La Mercè : Saturday 20th
Saturday's highlights are:

El correfoc, the 'running fire' , an explosive mix of dragons and devils with fireworks. Perhaps the best place to see it is in front of the Gothic cathedral. It starts at 22.00.

Music: There is a wide variety. At 21.00 on the stage at Moll de la Fusta (the port near the bottom of the Ramblas) you can see the Spanish 'Morrissey' Mikel Erentxun (he even covers one of Morrisey's songs) and the Spanish rock band Seguridad Social.

This is free, as is the Top 40 concert at Plaza Catalunya, which features pop stars Chayanne (an Enrique Iglesias-type pop star) , Jarabe de Palo (catchy Latin pop group from Barcelona), Antonio Orozco (pop-rock with a flamenco touch), and Gossos (Catalan acoustic folk-pop).

If you want to see Buzzcocks, Mull Historical society, La Buena vida (Spanish pop-rock), Spiritualized or the Residents, then you have to pay 10 euros. The BAM independent music festival continues at the Estació de França (Avda. Marquès d'Argentera, 6). It starts about 22.30 and lasts until 03.00 on sunday.

There are lots of other things happening too - see the programme for more details.

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