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Catalan Culture 2004 Class Blog

miércoles, septiembre 14, 2005

C A T A L A N C U L T U R E 2 0 0 3


This was the blog that was used for my course in Catalan Culture, September-December 2003.

The class weblog is connected to individual learner weblogs, accessible through the links next to the photos of the students on the left. Although the course only ran from September - December, some of the students continued to post to their blogs throughout the next year.

The year after, I ran a class weblog connected to individual student blogs :

This was more successful - it was easier to manage the assignment parts.

This year (2005), I plan to use Elgg, which not only offers a blogging space for each student, but also features such as file storage. Setting up a group has also given us a wiki.

sábado, abril 17, 2004

Hola chicos y chicas.
we have had rain today but it was my last day at work before going back to uni. I hope all the dutch are enjoying their intenship. its not long now until the end of the year and another year will have passed. Im been looking for a summer job in the Uk or Spain i really want to improve m spainish coz i didn't much when in bcn except ordering drinks of course. i trying to create a website to put my photos on so everyone can see them and get copies if you want. I will let you know the address it is successful. Take care and enjoy life. Gemma

miércoles, abril 07, 2004

Sun is shining so bright and snow is melting. I was sitting yesterday at my balcony in Tornio and enjoyed the warmt. I´m going on next weeks Friday to Germany, Osnabrück. I have there one school project thing with 5 other girls and we will be one week there.
Guess what!!?? I´m moving to Oulu during the summer so I will be living in a same city with Riitta then! Our houses will be only about 2 kilometers from each other! You are always welcome to visit mine and Juhas place =)
Now I gotta go. I´m going to consert in the evening with my friends. Laura you know the singer: " Anna lantion pyörii huuda wou wou wou, kaikki murheet poistaa kunnon rock´n roll song, ehkä tänään sun olo alkaa helpottua, ehkä löydät jonkun joka rakastaa sua, tai EHKÄ ET..." (Älkää suomalaiset tappako mua, jos muistin sanat väärin!=)


miércoles, marzo 10, 2004

heyyy you all!! i finally find out some use to my oooold websides.
i added there some pictures and gonna put there some more
if i just can move my lazy ass and find some time to do that..
now you can find only couple of pictures from sinter klaas party
(from the house of those crazy and totally loco dutch people).
miss u all and those goood ooold days in bcn!!!
it's so and totally different to be back here and live in the midle
of nowhere surroundet by loads of snow! no palmtrees or
razzmatazz or u people!!! take care. and wisit that adress:
luv karo.

martes, marzo 02, 2004

well well well....... how is everybody doing????? typical.... always the same people writing here. by the way, it's me patricia. i'm going to barcelona in april or may, what do you think about that! really looking forward to it. i can probably stay at the italian house at the ramblas like i used to, so that would be super! anyway, i'm working my ass off, but it's cool, so i don't mind. and oh, Laura..... maybe it's a better idea that gemma looks out for you..... isn't it? it's so stu[id, but my best friend just got back from two months in new sealand. two months seemed so long, but when we were in city del sol, it seemed only a day. well, time flies, when you're having fun. anyway i have to say it again: i miss you all so much..... this SUCKS!
but now after two months here in holanda, it's the same old story again, but there are some nice partys. last week we had carnaval. 5 days of dressing up like an idiot, drinking lots and lots and kissing boys. anyway that was a cool party! but then again, not as cool as in BCN!
well people, see you!!!!!!!!

viernes, febrero 06, 2004

From the previous message about Gem and I going to Dublin, i know that those who know us will be concerned about the effect on the Irish men there! All i can say is i will keep an eye on Gemma and keep her away from the Irish men!!! (haha - i'm laughing whilst writing this! ;>) I can't wait either. Gem and I may also be working together! Who would have thought hey!!! (Especially after the J.Lo incident!!! "Get OUT OF MY FACE!!!!) Very funny to look back at!!! Hope you are all well and don't have to much work to do! Where ever you are, whatever you are doing all the best!! Lau

miércoles, febrero 04, 2004

hello everyone the weather in birmingham is back to the typical british weather wet and cold i so wish i was back in vallcarca. when i figure out how to put my photos on to a disc then i will put them on for everyone to see. Laura has invited me to dublin in october for the weekend her dad is running the marathon so i can't wait. And when ever i start drinking with friends out come the mixers for the cocktails and drinking games. Those finnish are bad influences. Anyway take care and enjoy yourselves partying. i know i will gemma.

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